Research Methods Workshop Series for Graduate Students


In collaboration with the Graduate Association of Political Science (GAPS) at Western University, I've organized a workshop series to introduce our first and second year graduate students to a number of research methods used by our senior students in their dissertations and non-thesis related research projects. The focus of the series is on understanding how these tools are used and the range of questions that they can help answer. Details about the workshop series can also be found here. The schedule can be found below:

1. Multi-Methods Research: Answering Questions with Both Quantitative Modelling and Case Studies

Date: Monday October 19th, Noon to 1pm

        Speaker: Dr. Alexis Lerner, Presidential Data Postdoctoral Fellow      

2. Text Analysis (Documents and Social Media)

Date: Monday, October 26th, Noon to 1pm​

Speaker: Michelle Caplan, PhD Candidate and Shanaya Vanhooren, PhD Candidate

3. Causal Inference

Date: Monday, November 9th, Noon - 1 pm

Speaker: John Kennedy, PhD Candidate

4. Multilevel Models

Date: Monday, November 16th, Noon - 1pm

SpeakerNicole McMahon, PhD Candidate

5. Measurement and Dimensional Analysis

Date: Monday, November 23rd, Noon - 1pm
SpeakerMegan Payler, PhD Candidate

6. Bayesian Statistics

Date: Monday, November 30th, Noon - 1pm
Speaker: Tyler Girard, PhD Candidate