Teaching Experience
Instructor of Record
Research Methods in Political Science
3rd Year, King's University College
Winter 2021
Online & Synchronous Format


The purpose of this course is to deepen students' understanding of the basic concepts and techniques of empirical research in political science. It develops students' knowledge of how to ask research questions about politics, gather and assess different types of evidence, and consider the opportunities and challenges associated with different types of empirical research. This course also encourages students to think critically about causality in political science research and how different research designs might be used in their own areas of interest.

LeaRning by Doing: Data Management and Visualization in Political Science
4th Year, King's University College
Spring 2020
Online & Synchronous Format


The purpose of this course is to introduce senior undergraduate students to the use and construction of quantitative data in political science while also developing applied skills in R. It surveys and critically engages with quantitative data across a variety of substantive areas, including international conflict and trade, comparative political regimes, and gender and political representation. This course also introduces students to the software environment R, focusing on effective data management and visualization practices.

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International Political Economy
3rd Year, King's University College
Fall/Winter 2018-2019, Fall/Winter 2019-2020
Co-Instructor with Dr. Erin Hannah
In Person Format


The purpose of this course is to introduce senior undergraduate students to the study of the international political economy. It couples a theoretical and empirical examination of the international political economy with hands on, practical engagement with critical negotiations and issues. 

Research Methods in Political Science
3rd Year, The University of Western Ontario
Spring 2019
Online & Asynchronous Format


The purpose of this course is to introduce undergraduate students to research design and the use of quantitative and qualitative methods in political science. It uses an inverted class structure to facilitate direct experience with a range of research methods.

Teaching Assistant
Measurement, Scaling, and Dimensional Analysis
ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research
2019, 2020, 2021


This workshop explores several strategies for measuring social phenomena through data reduction techniques and dimensional analysis. The specific techniques include unidimensional (summated rating scales, nonparametric and parametric IRT) and multidimensional (principal components analysis, factor analysis, multidimensional scaling, unfolding models, correspondence analysis) approaches, primarily using the software environment R.

Research Design
Political Science Master's Program, The University of Western Ontario
Fall 2020


This course provides graduate students with an understanding of the principles of research design in political science. It aims to equip students with the knowledge to be critical consumers of a variety of types of research. Throughout the course, students will evaluate the theories, empirical strategies, and causal claims of research across different fields of political science.

Business and Government
2nd Year, The University of Western Ontario
Fall/Winter 2015-2016, Fall/Winter 2016-2017, Winter 2019


This course examines the politics of economic issues. It focuses on the competition between free market and interventionist economic ideas and how businesses, unions, think tanks and lobby groups seek to influence government policy across various issue areas such as taxes, spending, trade, finance, regulation, the environment, recessions and competitiveness.